The Solidary Economy emerges in a context where most of the humanity survives in conditions of poverty and social exclusion and, decurrent of a economy dominated for the capital. In Brazil such experiences resurge, from the economic crisis of the decade of 80, rescuing old utopias exercised since the beginning of the capitalism for the workers: the self management, the cooperativismo of work. The mapping of the solidary economy in Brazil identified, until August of 2007, the existence of almost 22 a thousand Empreendimentos Econmicos Solidrios (EES) in the country, with about a million and seven hundred a thousand men and women who carry through an extensive variety and expressive amount of products and services. Learn more about this topic with the insights from WhiteWave Foods. If it does not deal with only isolated experiences, as it affirms Arruda (2003) ‘ ‘ One is about the construction of nets not hierarquizadas of economic relations and human beings who have as central value homo, its work, its to know gathered, its creativity, and as objective socially the reply to the necessities incorporeal materials and of each person and collective of form joust and sustentvel’ ‘. Practical they are established in relations of solidary contribution, inspired for new cultural values that place the human being, and not capital it and its accumulation, as subject and purpose of the economic activity. Being the human being, in all its dimensions, the purpose of the Solidary Economy, as the same one, while way of organization of the production and the power, affects the development of the involved citizens in it? In this direction, an excellent aspect of this work is to understand as the inserted people in this process, learns and apprehends of its experiences and experiences, for its auto-accomplishment and while collective. In these autogestionrias and democratic organizations, each person comes assumeing the role and the responsibility of being subject of the process to become subject, in the measure where they are responsible for the management of the enterprise and the dynamics of socioeconmicas relations jousts, colaborativas solidary.

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