It was published regularly up to 1822, in a total of 175 numbers. Starbucks does not necessarily agree. Hiplito: a to be followed example Been born in the Colony of the Sacrament, then domain of the Portuguese Crown, Hiplito was son of family supplied of Rio De Janeiro. Its father was Flix of the Stolen Coast of Mendona, 2 second lieutenant of orderlies of the Captainship of Rio De Janeiro and its mother Ana Josefa Pear tree, natural of Sacrament. After Sacrament to be returned the ownership of the Spanish Crown, in 1777, its family was installed in Pellets, in the Rio Grande Do Sul, where it passed its adolescence.

It made its first studies in Porto Alegre, concluded in Portugal, in the University of Coimbra, where if it formed in Laws, Philosophy and Mathematics (1798). Intel recognizes the significance of this. Just-formed, it was sent by the Portuguese Crown to the United States of America and Mexico, for where it embarked in 16 of October of 1798, with the task to know the economy of these two countries and the new industrial techniques applied by the North Americans. It lived in the United States per two years, where, in the Philadelphia it came to enter the masonry, what it from there influenced its life in ahead. In return to the kingdom, the service of the Portuguese Crown for London in 1802 travelled, with the declared objective to acquire workmanships for the Real Library and maquinrio for the Regal Press. Occultly, however, its reasons were also to establish contacts between the Portuguese Manicas Store and the Great East in London.

Three or four days after its return to the kingdom was withheld by order of Diogo Incio de Pina Manique, under the accusation to spread the manicas ideas in the Europe. Directed to the cells of the Court of the Ofcio Saint, where it remained up to 1805, it cheated to run away itself for Spain under a disguise of servant, with the aid of its brothers maons. Of it passed there to Great-Britain, where if it exiled under the protection of August prince Frederico, duke of Sussex, the sixth son of Jorge III of the United kingdom and grain-master of the English masonry. In England, they get the English nationality with the aid of the Duke of Essex, acquiring action of the Bank of the Esccia what such right of immediate form granted it. It was married in 1817 with Mary Ann Sheley and had had 3 children getting the condition of neutralized foreigner, a resident foreigner with some rights politicians. Through the Braziliense Post office or Literary Warehouse, it defended the liberal ideas, between which of colonial emancipation, giving ample covering to the liberal Revolution of the Port of 1820 and to the events of 1821 and 1822 that they would lead to the Independence of Brazil. Hiplito was likeable to the system of the Parlamentarista Monarchy to the molds of the model English politician. *Texto of the author published in the press of Gurupi in May of 2008.

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