With SPA whirlpool Tokyo for public use, not renounce the well-being of last generation Saunas Duran, his philosophy of continuous improvement and adaptation to the latest innovations in the market for the health and welfare sector, launches the new Tokyo SPA, whose elegance, combined with the latest technology, will allow you to convert your zone wellness or area of hydrotherapy in your preferred meeting Center. By the same author: Sonny Perdue. Thanks to its large dimensions, you can share unforgettable moments of fun and relaxation with 5 people (spa Tokyo version 50) or up to 7 people (spa Tokyo version 70). Both, designed taking into account the standards DIN 19643-1. Also his double chaise lounge will allow you to feel, in the company, a total feeling of well-being, as well as with its cascade of stainless steel integrated optionally. Today’s society has changed so that it forces us to live at great speed. Does not allow us to stand, we are going home to work, from work to home, and we have no time to relax, to enjoy a time for us, to enjoy alone or with loved ones. For this reason, Saunas Duran works to bring us some treatments relax in our daily life.

The benefits that bring the SPA s to our health can be summarized in: physical improvement: muscle relaxation, is obtained by what the ailments of this kind are reduced and tend to improve. Also, they are clearly beneficial to bone problems, especially for arthritis. Mental improvement: the stress of our lives would say causes currently very acute psychological ailments. Through a Spa treatment, the person gets focus on her own body, in his own mind, isolated from the outside, so it moves away from its problems and stress begins to refer. Aesthetic enhancement: this improvement is motivated by different reasons. In a Spa, we feel better, more relaxed, more relaxed, more serene and this feeling of well-being and tranquility is transmitted from our interior to our outside. Saunas Duran remains constantly adding to its range of products developments and trends in the sector of health through wellness products. Enjoy any day of the year of the benefits of water with a relaxing and invigorating, bath immersed in the new spa Tokyo, in an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation.

See the range of spas private and public on the web:. Saunas Duran sells its saunas in throughout the national territory, being the free shuttle service to the peninsula. Saunas Duran products provide numerous options which, in addition to assure a perfect operation, allow you to customize the sauna and turn it into a unique product. Saunas Duran manufacturers since 1960, projected and installed areas wellness & spas both public and private. For more information: SAUNAS DURN Navas de Tolosa, 283-287, Local 14 (corner C / Murcia) 08026 Barcelona (Spain) Tel: 933 006 157, Fax: 392 850 934, E-mail:. Web: author: Pilar Esteban, pilar @ snsmarketing.es to be or not to be. About Saunas Duran: Saunas Duran was born as company in the year 1960, being pioneers in Spain in the manufacture of Finnish saunas. The company was created as a result of the growing demand within the sector of products related to health and well-being and increased recreational and sports construction. We are specialized in the design and manufacture of Finnish saunas, wellness areas planning and development both in the private and the public drawing.

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