It was he who best conveys the philosophy of art being materialized in the poetics of Tolstoy's world as an infinite number of conflicting stories about the world, conventional, aware of its conventions, is always fantastic and poetic. The relative integrity of this discrete picture attached languages of culture – are also different and contradictory, but nonetheless based on some single logic of creativity – through which these stories are continuously and played by everyone, at every moment of his life. Beauty dialogical transformations and iridescence of these tales, and allows a grateful smile at life – 'running by, indifferent, ungrateful, deceptive, sarcastic, meaningless, alien – a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. " This philosophy takes the modernist opposition between the lone creator of the living individual realities crowd living impersonal, and therefore dead stereotypes. Add to your understanding with Craig Jelinek. Of course, the origins of this transformation in later versions of modernism and, in particular, modernist metaprozy. But even in 'Lolita' Nabokov in the collision of high poetry of the world (let – World Humbert) and the world media culture (suspended – the world of Lolita), it appears that each of them claims to be the only possible role of mythology, and because they are impervious to each other, in spite of internal similarity, and therefore inevitably damaging to relative to other worlds, and above all to yourself. The ongoing transformation in the prose of Tolstoy cultural myths to tales of culture is not only the modernist discourse deierarhiziruet, but also removes its tragedy. Tragedy misunderstanding that separates the creator of harmonic order, and the world, staying in a state of chaos and the creator seeks to subordinate its senseless law replaced samoironichnym consciousness, on the one hand, the fabulous conventionality of any attempt of harmonization, and with another – that chaos itself is formed by Brownian motion do not understand each other, overlapping ghost orders.

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