Now the notebook market is developing at an unprecedented pace, and since 2005, ahead of market personal computers. Increasingly, people make choices in the direction of mobility, especially as computing power of today's notebooks, in no way inferior to their "big" brothers – PC. In the notebook market, in particularly in Russia, formed their own favorites, which often dictate their "worldview" on the mobile industry. Founded in 1976, Acer is one of the four leading suppliers of computer equipment, and ranks second in the region EMEA – Europe, Middle East and Africa (source Gartner 3Q 2006). In 2000 the company expanded its production activities, focusing on the development of new technologies and promotion under its own brand of high quality, reliable and user-friendly computer equipment. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sonny Perdue.

The decision to support sales with a marketing policy aimed at efficient development distribution channels allowed the company to Acer achieve high results in the world. So Acer laptops hold 20.9% market share in Q3 2006. Acer holds first place in the Russian Federation, the Czech Republic and Poland, constantly strengthening leading positions in EMEA, becoming the first in eleven (11) countries: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Greece and Poland, as well as finishing second dream in South Africa, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Turkey and the third – in Hungary. ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (Taipei Stock Exchange: 2357) – a leading manufacturer of notebooks, motherboards, video cards, optical drives, storage devices, desktops, servers, wireless solutions, mobile phones and network equipment. With high-quality developers, as well as offices and affiliates around the world laptops Asus offers innovative solutions to consumers, businesses and OEM producers. ASUS is well known for its innovative technology and high quality products. ASUS is a leading provider of class 3C (computers, communications, consumer electronics – computers, communications, consumer appliances).

Design engineers and technicians ASUS strive to provide its users with a complete set of solutions in different areas of consumption in the new millennium. The company Hewlett-Packard – one of the leading players in the world IT-market, does business in 170 countries. The headquarters of company located in Palo Alto, California. The company employs 142 thousand people counts. Annual investment in research and company the design activities are $ 4 billion. In May 2002, completely over the largest union in the history of HP and Compaq. So after the merger, the brand Compaq, was saved, but laptops are HP, became the leader in sales in Europe. The company's activities began in Europe in 1959, and in the former Soviet Union – in 1968. In 1995, HP opened an office in St. Petersburg, then opened an HP in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine. The company was Founded in 1939 by two friends, students at Stanford University, Bill Hewlett (Bill Hewlett) and Dave Packard (Dave Packard). Company's first product was the audio-frequency generator assembled in the garage. And one of the first buyers of these generators had a studio of Walt Disney!

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