Early in the morning take a course in Novi Sad – Valjevo – Uzice (Serbia) – Bijelo Polje (Montenegro). To avoid getting lost in the Belgrade, which you will have easy, it's better to overtake his party. So driving to San Novi take a course on Rumu, then at Sabac, and there are already close to Valjevo. From Subotica to Romania of 137 km. From Ruma Sabac to 35 km. From Sabac to Valjevo 65 km. To Montenegro, the city of Bijelo Polje is 214 km.

To summarize, only 451 km, but the road will take you hours, 7, and then all of 8. Why? Excellent quality of roads, fuel quality is significantly different from the Ukrainian gasoline, it also remarkable. There simply is not large sections of roads, where you can really accelerate. And for high-speed mode there watching. From Bijelo Polje to Podgorica via Mojkovac (capital of Montenegro) 119 km.

Route number two starts for you as of Mukachevo, only to go to the border crossing you will need, which is located near the village Nevetlenfolu from Mukachevo is located 87 km. As for safe passage through the territory of Romania, you can be absolutely quiet. The roads are excellent, good quality of gasoline. The only thing that slightly loads, roads pass through towns (as in Ukraine), and therefore the speed limit is often less than 70 km / h. Throughout the route a lot of information signs, getting lost is virtually impossible. The next destination Timisoara (Romania) 331 km. On buking.com you'll find accommodation in this city. As well as work for the afternoon, visit attractions. Of Timisoara (Romania) depart in the direction of Novi Sad (Serbia), it is 167 km, and further route you know. Route number three is probably the easiest because is mainly on motorways in Hungary and Croatia. Although he and 200 km long, but considering the quality of the roads, fatigue does not threaten you.

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