Many Americans who were angry with the possibility of using their taxes to save the financial system initiated contacts with some senators to keep the initiative successful. Presidential candidate Barack Obama Democratic Party realized that, should win the presidency, it was best that this bailout plan to materialize thus avoid having to take the mandate of a country in ruins. For more information see this site: Randall Mays. That is why it saw in the last few days taking an active role in making the project succeed soon. Obama’s problem was how not to upset voters support after the use of their taxes for the bailout of financial institutions. That is why we tested the following statements: “This is not just to save a few banks (…) is to prevent the crisis from falling into a disaster … This is not a Wall Street crisis is a crisis of the people U.S.

… We can respectfully disagree with the project but it is clear this is what we must do. ” Is it as well as Obama says that the bailout is to prevent a worse evil in the American people? Perhaps we’ll never know … Or perhaps, if the plan is not as successful as it was thought might become, we witnessed probably the greatest waste of public money in history. Regardless of whether one agrees or not with such plans, must take into account the critical moment which have gripped the U.S. financial system in particular (and not just the U.S.

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