Why a balloon goes and does not fly – these are the reasons you can see on the horizon float a balloon, it says beware: he continues or lands he maybe in our neighborhood? Must watch the man also what they say: balloon flying “is indeed frowned upon, it is already since always leaves a balloon and does not fly”. It’s not ballooning and balloon ride! The first balloonist in France knew the concept of flying only from birds people had been up to date has never in the air. The sailors drove their cogs in the sea, the balloonists were in the sky sea, so it is, to say ballooning. In the coming years, they then invented the air ship (which had even sailing) and the daredevil Aeronaut drove through the air. But this is not the only explanation. Because the physicists have their own laws and they justify the ballooning quite sober. Everything is lighter than air, driving! “so the theoretical justification. The balloon” Balloon flying “is pulled through the hot air upwards, inside the balloon envelope and is thus lighter than the cold ambient air.

This applies to gas balloons, hot-air balloons and also the zeppelins. This drive do not use hot air, but with a gas consisting of helium or hydrogen. And think of the concept of aviation “this goes back to the times of the French. The pilots have an Aviation Bill and the Federal Aviation Office in Brunswick is responsible for the investigation of flight accidents. Some amusing at the end: Has always been a balloon driver must spend a round of local, when it comes to term confusion. This is tradition.

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