We recognise our obligation due to a disability, so ends the temporary incapacity for work and the agreed services be continued due to the existing disability. This clarification removes some unknown questions, which had so far been answered but just not in conditions to read. Therefore, they are consistently as a clear improvement to be classified. Educate yourself with thoughts from medical billing. Still, some improvements were incorporated into the boost options in the new conditions. The previous reasons were marriage, birth of a child, adoption, graduation, graduation, master craftsman or specialist – / specialist bar exam, BBG crossing, promotion, death of a with-earning spouse, divorce, financing and some more. Now, 4 reasons are added. These are the terms for the boost options as follows: f) founding an independent existence.

This is the case, if no other income are available from not self-employment. (j) in the case of employees increased the guaranteed gross – year basic salary to at least 10% (at least 1200 euro) or 6000 EUR compared to the guaranteed gross – year basic salary of the year before. The insured person engaged in an independent activity, the insured person in the past calendar year have required a higher by at least 20% (at least 2400 euro) annual income from professional activities before deduction of personal taxation compared to the average annual income from professional activities before deduction of personal taxation of the three preceding calendar years. l) exemption from compulsory insurance in a professional supply plant m) is liberation from independent artisans from insurance requirements in the statutory pension insurance, provided that the minimum insurance period fulfilled. Just the increase in income for employees under section 8 should be a very interesting module. These adjustments are known so far, mostly in the Krankentageldversicherung. Thus is Employees after the career also an “upgrade” of BU insurance allows.

So also here a positive change. Summarized positioned insurer the Condor to continue as a top BU and writes it in the insurance conditions clearly and cleanly. The conditions concern but not the BUZ relating to a basic pension (Rurup contract). Conditions you find the new BUZ as always with me in the download area. Condor BUZ, stand 2010

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