In the truth this is a inverdade. ‘ ‘ The people are not so equal as we imagine. The chances either in the field of the donation, either in the economic field, either in the field of the health, either in the field of the culture, are certainly, distinct of person for person. The democratization of the information must leave of being a slogan for is become into commitment of the librarian stops with the society, stops with the community to who must atender’ ‘ (ALMEIDA JNIOR, p.100, 1997) During centuries the concept of library arrested it the image of a static organism, destined to the documentary conservation, where the librarian only acted as guard of the existing quantity, without really having an active participation. It was common represents it as a quiet professional, hidden between stacks of dusty books, ranzinza when disturbed by some user. According to Broom (1979, p.42) the social paper is standard of behavior associated with the status or social status, including the following elements: the paper socially prescribed or ideal paper said the rights and duties that belong to a social status.

It says the individual what of it if it waits in its paper. Perceived paper is what the individual believes that it would have to make in one definitive position, perhaps not coincident with the conventional or ideal image. the played role is that one that the individual makes, in fact. The librarian has today more than what the simple task to give I assist its user, and yes the mission to make with that the information arrives at this user of best possible way. Its paper as professional must exceed the walls of the library or unit of information, having to assume since its formation a position politics, to question itself of as it can contribute with the community, mainly the least favored.

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