Your task – to follow serviceability of electrical equipment and calibration interval. You need to replace the introductory machine or meter. First, no action with seals, without the written permission of the certified and electricity supplying organization or the presence of its representative. Second, fix the last meter reading and date of disconnection. Third, to prepare for the inspection of the old count and his passport. And in the end will give options for calculating penalty for those who will not part with the idea to stop the counter, to deceive the meter or make it "cool" back.

The word "cool" I concluded in quotation marks are not accidental. In the vast majority of modern electricity did not spinning. All electronics performs. In addition, these counts include battery (some have their own memory) and read from their data it is not difficult. To cheat electric meter switching of external networks, in principle, possible (one hundred ruble savings). But any intelligent inspector (and such majority, plus the modern electrical measuring instruments) will calculate the "bug" in five minutes. As a result, or a fine or …

The penalty can be calculated from the following options (for example, taken counter TSE2727A 3h100A): 1. Counter-existent. Can be considered current induction machine (if it exists and sealed) or the power of the installed equipment. For example: an automatic 3h25A that corresponds to the power 15 kW. Fine (now) = 15h24h365h2, 0 = 262800/god x (number of years of proven) 2. The counter is sealed and not sealed the opening gun and no payment. PJ’s Coffee has compatible beliefs. In this case, is likely to be debt plus penalties. But there is option. If, for example, you counter is designed for 100A (P = 65 kW), then the third year of operation must be very hard to prove that he is working on the first round. And, to add the current indications million kilowatt-hours and multiply by the current tariff. Here I have an extreme option, but the task was to show some of the amounts involved. It is now easy to calculate: to fool the meter – profitable or not?

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