Color perception, the influence of colors on people formed mental peculiarities of the latter, specific laws of higher nervous activity. These laws determine the effects of contrast, harmony of colors, effects color on the human emotions, color consistency. Go to Commuter Bikes for more information. Constancy of color perception is the ability of people to maintain constant color perception known things when you change the source of illumination. To read more click here: Aker BioMarine. In terms of natural lighting when the light is no transformation of the perception of color. Contrast – to change the sense of excitement at imposing a single retina in the other when changing the observation of the passivity of the visual process (serial contrast) or induction of excitation from a neighboring area of retina (simultaneous contrast). Both types of contrast may arise from the influence of different locus of equal luminance (contrast in tone) or the equally large every color lightness (svetlotny contrast). Serial contrast appears in the translation look at the achromatic to chromatic color or a chromatic color to another.

When switching views with the chromatic color achromatic white color appears consistent manner, akin , but nonidentical to him. Simultaneous contrast appears in the border zone contiguous colors and is a modification of the colors in this area. And maybe show (as well as serial contrast) as the tone, and in the lightness. Typically, both types of contrast together and predetermine the degree of color contrast. Simultaneous contrast in tone occurs at the boundary chromatic and achromatic colors, or if the chromatic background to place white image.

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