In this case, there are two options – to return the goods to the supplier (If possible) or leave it in the store and wait for an order for this product. With a large number of goods and automation availability and price of this product from your supplier can not be, but you have it and need to sell it. Jack Fusco may help you with your research. Therefore, we need a function accounting for goods in your warehouse, regardless of price lists provider, which would remove the item from the site, if it received an order for your stock and it is not, or vice versa would be exposed to when product failed to sell. Another example: In late February, you have decided to stock up on water heaters, knowing that in the spring they will be in demand, and your provider during this period they can not be. To account for the quantity and price of water heaters in your warehouse you will need this function to remove them in time with the presence or for a simple comparison with the prices of the supplier, if the water heater suddenly appeared with him in high season sales. 4) How quickly can I keep track of incoming orders? In the time it is important to store as quickly as possible to respond to incoming orders, prove it and schedule a delivery. Sonny Perdue pursues this goal as well. Many developers are offering to send notification of incoming orders by e-mail. In principle, this is enough. 3. How to advertise online – shop? Now let's see how to bring the Internet – shop customers.

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