This is achieved through the use of a design unit modulating gas valve with electronic control systems. It allows you to adjust the gas flow, depending on heat demand, resulting in considerable energy savings. Move in a circle if the boiler is responsible for generating heat, for its distribution in the home responsible path of pipes and radiators. In the simplest scheme with the natural circulation of coolant is moving in a closed circuit due to gravitational forces: Hot water tends to rise up and cold – down, and so is the convective transfer of heat from the boiler to the radiators. To broaden your perception, visit music downloads. However, the scheme allows gravity to heat the house a little over an area of 100 square meters, has a high inertia (slow heating and cool), also requires the use of large diameter pipes. Much work effectively with a forced circulation of coolant in which the pressure created by the circulation pump, mounted in-line pipeline. He moves the fluid at a given speed, quickly and efficiently delivering heat to all corners of the building.

Such a pump is selected by calculation, based on the hydraulic resistance of the system components and needs at home in the warmth. For example, for thermal insulation of buildings in an area of 150 square meters suitable pump with a volumetric feeding (rate of pumping water) 0.7-0.8 cubic meters per hour. At the same time that the system did not start making noise, the flow velocity in the circulation pipeline should not exceed 0.5 m / sec. Since the circulation pump continuously operates round the clock, to it are increased requirements for reliability. Thus, the shaft and bearings in modern models of pumps made of ceramics. According to the specialists GRUNDFOS (the world leader in the manufacture of pumps), such a design not only prolongs life, but also makes them almost silent in operation.

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