Millions of deaths during centuries. Initially understood that they progresarian better in community, but when they get some stability, instead of increasing that community, they fight against others to increase theirs destroying the neighbors. If created great Nations through the union, do is that they did not understand that using the? those same Nations unit would be converted into a grandiose people capable of great things? The union makes the force, that understood it. But according to them, makes the strength not to continue joining and improve, makes the force to destroy each other and win the strongest. And after destroying non is that suppose that they win. And now they have taken the final step, have exterminated, in a short time will not be any trace of human beings on this planet. Not you who think that it has won.

But of course, those wishes of power were always latent even in small levels of his existence. Please visit Mark Null if you seek more information. The only way to make progress were not union, understanding and mutual aid. No, the only way to make progress was destroy others at different levels of their existence and way of life. Also invented the laws for a better living, fortunately always there were some exceptions among humans that brought some sanity to its existence. Details can be found by clicking Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL or emailing the administrator. But no avail nothing, with the invention of the laws changed the methods for stepped on, they used their intelligence to attack is and annihilate more subtly. Lies, hoaxes, conspiracies, modes of return laws against them mocking the reason for which they were created. Also in their personal relationships, with their friends, families. Betrayals each other, lies and deception to achieve their selfish needs. Some exceptions soon became the white principal of others, pretending to earn your trust and thus at the given moment one major coup. Even some of those exceptions was embittered to understand that the only way to survive would be to enter this insane game, in this vicious circle of destruction at different levels, family, friendship, work, all.

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