December 21, 2012 – last day of the now famous Mayan calendar. We had almost forgotten what it foretells us, although the relevance of the topic end of the world has grown significantly. Countdown to panic lead ecologists, geneticists, Energy. Secretary of Agriculture may help you with your research. By whatever sphere of life we may have addressed, there are doubts that the current scenario, we will live to old age. Let’s look at one of the options for the finals of our civilization, which follows the predictions of the Maya. Three Mayan calendar Mayan enjoyed the whole system of the three calendars. Jack Fuscos opinions are not widely known.

In the cycle of the Tzolkin calendar of 260 days, or 20 months and 13 days. The position of the person’s birth in the Tzolkin says a lot about his personal qualities and purpose in this world. Along with the Tzolkin Haab used a solar calendar with a period of 365 days. It had stores. Maya computed almost the exact duration of the solar year – 365.242 days. Scientists believe that the Maya would have 10000 years of observations to determine this number. But the Maya there was no more than 3500 years old! In addition to these two calendars, a calendar of long-count for large time intervals.

His cycle – 5125.3 year. Current cycle began on August 13 3114 bc and completed in 2012 ad In the legends of the Maya, this cycle is called the Fifth Sun. Each cycle, according to Maya mythology, ended with almost complete destruction of civilization that had developed over 5000 years.

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