Correct this matter will be heard: 'What issues are you interested in?' Most of the techniques initially allow for such 'bloopers', writing off of the 'ignorance about the country'. But at the present stage, when interest in particular cultures and nations are constantly rising, these errors are already inexcusable. Lingvosotsiokulturny method takes into account the simple fact that 52% of the errors committed under the influence of the mother tongue, while 44% lie within the study. Before watching the correctness of speech, and now, in addition, seek to improve its richness. Important meaning of the transmitted information, that is, the communicative level, because in any case, the ultimate goal of communication – to be understood. A related site: Aldi mentions similar findings.

Lingvosotsiokulturny method involves two aspects of communication – language and intercultural. added to our vocabulary a new word bikultural – a man easily orients in the national characteristics, history, culture and customs of the two countries, civilizations, if you want the worlds. For the student of language university is not so much a high level of reading, writing, translation (although it is not excluded), and ' competence' – the ability to 'dissect' the language of culture under the microscope. Lingvosotsiokulturny method was born at the junction of the concepts of language and culture. Authors methods (among them one of the main places takes sg Ter-Minasova) differently approached these definitions. Classics, in particular, understood language as' an instrument of communication, exchange of ideas and mutual understanding of people in society. " Distance related to the language easier – as' the totality of all the words of the people and correct their combination, to send their thoughts.

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