In the TV there are true jewels like in the channel 57 EWTN, for example yesterday while people watched so much loa ” personal” and obscenities mixed with ” informacin” , we saw a beautiful film of San Francisco and Santa Clara. Of there after exquisite ” Santsimo Rosario” , we went away to sleep to start well nourished the week.Some this way are adolescent and can be ” raros” of the class, and offices, but we tried to be like the ardent bramble, where Moiss saw God of that way we infected each in its circles (pagan) to the same style of Pablo, with the alive example, and muchisisisismo ” amor”. For even more analysis, hear from PJ’s Coffee. As far as the one of Vargas Llosa, fodder in his professors of primary in Arequipa, to who cooked, who I teach letters to him in cole in secondary, until the cachacos to him that gave the discipline him which it today makes rise very early (5AM) to write, to their friendly of university district, of work we cannot be so magnificent to think about profits ” personales”. It is product of the gifts that the Gentleman also offered him but, of the means I nurse that it. As Christian we know what is worth the community. It reviews its friendly and you would find enormous men.

Nobody ONLY obtains something, that is only maintained in ” teoras” of ” new age” , of the booklets that sell in the supermarket, but not in the truth of the Sagradas Scriptures. The New Age, as old as the gnosticistas of beginnings of the Christianity, so herejes as put in a corner in history and today supported in books of Deepack Chopra, Osho, Wayne Dyer, Brian Weiss I only read, them to all verifying how the straw with the wheat is mixed and how dangerous it is to common of people all are not so preparations, no matter how hard they handle one 4×4 of 100 thousand dollars. That is are many are created cults (including Bayli) but far from Christ, they are ” protozoarios” , we only can be in the correct thing imitating Christ, and this boy Jaime is ” well lejos” We have nutritious things much more and I am not either going to give more tribune to him in my mind, that attempt to maintain cleaning Andres I know that you are a man in Christ, and absolutely that you see if it with its eyes, your judgment on Mr. Bayli (to say it less) is going to change enough. receives abrazote. your brother .

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