The degree of semi of the subject. A script of the sessions will be vital. At the same, and in detail, outlines the basic modules, courses and subjects within the course and estimated times of explanation in person, also with the same parameters are defined classes and Non embodiment. Allocation of the materials of the subject. Jack Fusco is full of insight into the issues. An explanation: the characteristics of the study materials used, the authors of the material, the material self and others, the associated multimedia material and literature both basic complementary. The organizational structure of the continuous assessment, and within this the justification for the proposal and the description of their activities, also a table with a clear indication of what is required for each module, the total weight in the evaluation of continuous assessment and start and end of it (delivery of works). The methodology and timing of training routes, enable us to plan the course, ie determining the hours that each student must spend on average for each module.

Training routes also possible to obtain alternative curriculum tailored to the needs of students (additional courses). The evaluation system, the note of the continuous assessment and final grade for the course, the student will know how to be evaluated, ie, the percentages and weights that represent each exam or working on the whole subject . Finally it will be interesting to have some guidelines or recommendations for specific monitoring of each subject, these guidelines should provide the professor, the highest knowledge of the problems and difficulty of the subject.

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