What’s more, the boxes have an air of mystery that attracts the innate curiosity of people, what can have inside the box? Sometimes the contents of a wooden box can be something nice, sometimes a mysterious box can contain all the ills of the world, like Pandora’s box. In addition to their aura, durability inherent in any item made of wood and the result is a matter of joy and beauty that is transmitted from generation to generation. Types of wood used for factories wooden boxes any type of wood used in crafts or furniture can be used to manufacture wooden boxes. These include Redwood, oak, maple, walnut, cherry, rosewood, teak, mahogany and ebony. Large chests designed to save things for a long time are usually made of aromatic cedar, to repel insects and other vermin. Cylindrical wooden boxes called boats, are used to store food such as flour, sugar and fine species. Process of manufacturing best wooden boxes are usually made with boards of notch and Spike, also known as tongue and Groove joints, so there is no need of nail and damaging the wood.

Boxes also they can be assembled by gluing them. Boxes are varnished to preserve the natural color of the wood and are often treated with special processes to make them more durable. These protective processes repel termites and other pests, so as they also defend the decaying wood. Intended to be used in boats, boxes are usually made of teak, so that they can withstand the high moisture level of water extensions. What is more, teak is a hardwood that has the exceptional quality of being able to withstand the adverse climate, be it rain, snow, humidity or heat. In addition to its practical construction, wooden boxes are usually made to be beautiful. Boxes made of hardwoods such as teak and ebony, are often elaborately carved to produce amazing designs. Boxes made of other Woods, often have interesting scale as flowers.

Boxes also be can stain, lacquered painting or varnishing. The final design of the boxes depends entirely on the creativity of the artisan that makes them. Anyone who is the choice of the artisan, quality wooden boxes will surely beautify many homes through generations.

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