He starred in numerous films, both popular as too independent, from the truth about cats and dogs, Zoolander, about gods and generals, up to hamlet. Dechen is an experienced yoga teachers around the world for its precise and humorous yoga classes is known. Dechen from numerous Buddhist influences can draw from his multicultural family background. His father, Prof. Robert Thurman, a close friend of the 14th Dalai Lama, was the first appointed American Tibetan Buddhist monk and has founded together with Richard Gere the Tibet House in New York. The New York Times is one of the 25 most influential Americans, Robert Thurman”. Dechen even the 14th Dalai Lama first met already at the age of seven in Dharamsala (India).

The special experiences in Dechens life then, was his own meditation practice with the many Tibetan scholars, who regularly visited his family (also with the 14th Dalai Lama), to cultivate. Dechen Thurman Yoga hours and workshops are characterised by these multiple influences and also outfitted his fascinating sense of the present moment and a refreshing playfulness. At the Berlin Festival of Yoga taught together with Anja Kuhnel (Director of the Jivamukti Center Dechen Berlin) a Yoga Workshop on Saturday, July 3, from 17 until 19: 00 in the culture Park Kladow on the Havel. Learn more about the Yoga Festival in Berlin, as well as the programme of events 2010 are available in the Internet at.

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