In the middle of the past decade, shortly after the spectacular dismemberment of the Soviet giant, a group of political experts of the American university of Yale tried to outline the script of a hypothetical strategic isolation of Russia. One treated, at first sight, of a rocambolesco fiction project political based on the premise of which the old empire, debilitated by the loss of great part of its Asian territory and the very small States of the Baltic Sea, would finish surrounded by a coalition of compatible countries ideario of the other great empire: the United States. The American college students proposed the creation of lap belt in the European and caucasian borders of the Russian Federation, also shuffling the possibility of a strategic alliance with China. In this way, the submission of the ex- great nuclear power could be contemplated that, according to the American political experts, did not have to return to raise head. The recent events of The Caucasus armed intervention of Georgia in South Ossetia, forceful answer of the Russian troops, rupture of the diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and the western pro Georgia, permanence of Russian pacificadores contingents of in Osetia and Abkhazia indicates that aberrant script of the American political experts is being materialized. The politicians as an older person Continent condemn the armed intervention of the Kremlin, but they stay very cautious at the time of contemplating the imposition of political or economic sanctions against Moscow. It has who esteem that the 27, that depends on natural gas and prevenientes black gold the provisions of Russia, prefer not to tighten the cord: the winter is in doors. But it is certain well that the majority of the countries of western Europe fears possible retaliation energetics on the part of the Kremlin, the list of confrontations is not limited the perception on the part of the NATO of the registered separatist conflicts in the old USSR solely.

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