Personally, I am one of those that like to keep things clear with some advance. I made many trips without any prior preparation, deciding the fate at the last moment and without anything expected. Here, Jack Fusco expresses very clear opinions on the subject. They are fun, have a good dose of adventure, and you can get truly unforgettable experience, but all they have an exciting may become uncomfortable, dangerous and above all, expensive, extremely expensive. I want you to be clear that Being proactive does not have to imply, in any case, prepare a travel schedule and absolutely no concession to improvisation. Moreover, I do not like too have it all tied up and well bound, with a trip where you know in advance where you will be every day and every hour. But if you think that by following some basic rules, you can avoid many headaches. For me at least I'm doing well in this way and that is why I comment.

The preparation of my travels, I speak of course of those who will take 10.15 or 20 days, not a weekend getaway, usually begins two or three months before I started. Yes, I know that this is something that at least in my country, Spain is not very common, but I think what you need to put in this way, for several reasons: you have the time necessary to inform the site chosen: Many times, to me at least it has happened, clear the area you wish to visit. From that time is appropriate, at the same time fun, you start a work research.

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