Although to many it sounds weird, there are people who suffer thinness and low weight, and are constantly looking for ways to raise some pounds. In this article we introduce you some ideas for your diet to gain weight you the best results. -Eat a handful of raisins, two or three times per day, between meals. The grapes provide good amount of sugars and calories. -As an appetizer, serve you a portion of nuts: walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios. These fruits are rich in calories, vitamins and minerals. Medical billing has much to offer in this field.

-Included in your diet, bananas, figs and papayas. These are fruits containing greater quantity of sugars. -If you are filled with ease, shared meals in various fractions, to eat something all the time. This something must be rich in calories, otherwise, you down weight instead of increasing. -Adds to your salads, olive or sunflower oil, to increase the amount of calories that brings. With the same aim, you can also add them cheese cream. -Adds to your meals a good amount of grated cheese.

-You can take advantage of ingested calories to increase muscle mass. To achieve this, you must do strength training exercises. Muscle tissue is much heavier than the adipose tissue. -If you train, it is a good idea to take a shake after the routine. You can prepare the Smoothie with milk, yogurt or ice cream, to which you add some fruit and milk powder whey protein. With this chocolate milkshake you regain energy and proteins that promote muscular development contribution. -In your diet to gain weight, it is important that you swallow a good amount of protein. Protein rich foods are red meat, chicken, Turkey, fish, egg white and milk products.

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