One of the important aspects in life, and that gives much tranquillity and improves self esteem is having a good job, to which we are witnessing normally 48 hours a week and the sacred salary/wage/remuneration comes to us. Magic moment in which we see as our savings account appears with good numbers and that equally and mysteriously for many three to five days then disappear. Here are some recommendations to achieve financial tranquility. Before you start with the notes, please answer the following questions: does my monthly salary/income I reach for my monthly costs?. I have contingency fund?.

I have programmed savings?. I’m doing some investment for my old age? Do I know how I will pay the University of my children?. Now performs the following reflection, we suppose that tomorrow you get to your works and you delivered the farewell letter, that which begins with a greeting very kindly and you get fired wishing you success in your new projects. You find yourself without a job and with a train of expenditure which, if or if you must responding, now make the following accounts: how long can I live without work, and lower my quality of life?. How long can I live without working, sacrificing some aspects?. How long can I live without work only with basic expenses?. Can I live without working? If your answer to question 1 is 10 years or more, you’re a millionaire, if it is between 5 and 10 years you’re rich, if it is between 1 and 5 years you are lucky, if it is between 6 months and a year are poor, if you are in less than six months are very poor, but if you do not have to cover at least 30 days and at the end of each month you’re with water at the neck of the commitmentswaiting for the wage to pay the expenses train, it is cruel but you live as an indigent with work, you live a day and you will possibly have to perform a short-term rescue plan. Physical wealth of persons is not suitable to measure the amount of money or property that has, there are people with much money and living as poor and others that although they apparently show to be very wealthy, they are up to the neck in debt, do not sleep well and up to suffer stress gastritis.

Ideally, make that balance based on our income and we have savings scheduled for the day that we have no work, no longer needed or do not want to work. As more we win, we increase our expenditure train, but it should not be so, must have a balance between revenue and expenditure, there are two ways to save, increase revenue and save them or lower costs and save them. Now I want to play some very important issues in the life of each and they are: my income and my expenses. Cash flow. Saving and investment. Bad debt and good debt. Monthly expenses. Credit card management. I’ll be publishing other articles, book so that you arrive and we will have a retreat with height and no dependence on anyone.

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