were 'golden' period of Dubrovnik: at this time he gained a guise in which we see it today. Fortifications (2 km long, up to six and a height of 20 meters), built over six centuries and have always been a city of reliable protection from the enemy. They are now in excellent condition and open to tourists, and risked to climb on them will be rewarded most amazing views over the city and the island. Total Croatia around 1185 islands, stretching along the coast, and each one is unique. For example, the island of Mljet. It is part of the Dalmatian islands. The island is rich in unspoilt nature with forests and lakes, making it a huge number of tourist visits.

In the northwestern part of the island is National park, established in 1960. Of particular importance is the island of St. Mary's on the lake is large, where in 12 century was founded by a Benedictine monastery. The entire island is cut tourist paths along the shores of lakes big and little, through Upland, pine and oak forests. The island has a track called "heavenly way, officially, why is it called, I do not know, but I think because it's descent. The fact is that before you get on "Paradise Road" is necessary to pass 5 km away, on the condition that the road all the time going up the hill. And now the most pleasant: the sun, the water, and, of course, beaches.

Mostly pebble beaches, but some places were constructed artificial beaches with sand, umbrellas, deck chairs and sun loungers. At each beach has a cafe and small shops that significantly improve the rest. Nature of Croatia positive effect on health, as well as a good time to do them. Getting up early in the morning can be run through the pine forest, and then come to the sea, and plunge into the cool water. If you go gently into the water, the fish will not be frightened, and you can swim with them, and this, believe me, a lot of fun. Then should go back to the hotel or in an apartment, go to the shower and then go to breakfast. This stitch will be the best day charge of energy and a guarantee of good mood! I can not disagree with the words of George Bernard Shaw: "Those who seek paradise on earth should visit Dubrovnik, as nowhere else to find such grandeur and peace, of such beauty and harmony. " I am confident that this vacation will leave behind memories of paradise.

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