SaS means software simply use Munich as a service, March 31, 2010 – since March 17, 2010 Eschler IT provides on a complete portfolio of advanced IT applications and services in a cost-effective way small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to use highly secure, in the Office and on the road, without investments and very flexible rental basis. In the selection and development of software solutions the aim always to offer a complete, modern IT workplace. Smaller and medium-sized business customers should cover almost 100% of the daily IT based workers. In terms of communication and online teamwork but also for standard software and security applies to smaller companies, just step to be able to keep or to be even faster and more flexible than this today, with the larger competitors. The use of SaS solutions offers many advantages: wide range of professional business software no installations, just work no investment in server hardware and Licenses predictable, usage-based costs IT experience a new mobile working from anywhere, guaranteed data security – simple, flexible, safe and the SaS solutions will be planned offered on the VIVIO platform within a distribution partnership with the visionapp AG. More information: contact for the press: Mr Frank Reissmann email service at Tel. 089 / 2000 00 – 93 fax 089 / 2000 00 – 95 Eschler IT SERVICES Eschler IT REMARKETING

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