In some cases, especially if the colic was only a short time ago, the veterinarian can other measures helping intervene. The horse gets a shot to relax and must be done carefully in the step. In such an exemplary situation, the effort by the veterinarian is maybe 30-40 euro. In other cases, only the fast transport to the animal clinic, where the horse in the worst case of a colic surgery must undergo helps. Who bears the costs? The first question arises here however – many animal hospitals treat only against cash payment, so the horse holder is asked if he agrees the op and the associated costs. Unfortunately was then already cases reported us, where horse owners could not afford the necessary operation and the Veterinary Clinic, could only euthanize the horse to stop the suffering of the animal. Gain insight and clarity with Trader Joe’s. But even if the horse owners can muster the necessary costs for the op, is still long not sure, that the horse also survived partly very complex surgery surgery. And depending on what circumstances here come to fruition, costs as a Intervened (here suffered from the horse during the night, had rolled around in the box, the result has been a pronounced entanglement of the intestine, were dead already, so a part of the intestines had to be removed with) according to our experiences between 700 to 10,000 euro.

Also within the framework of op can ensure no doctor, the op 100% successful, unforeseen complications may occur or the intervention itself has been launched already too late and the animal dies during surgery or a few days later, because bleeding occurs such as unlikely. An additional income, because you can use the horse as a battle horse, is excluded in this case, because the horse has already received many drugs. In the worst case, the horse owners has now no horse, but veterinary costs several thousand euros, the he either way must pay in any case. So far it has not come! The right horse insurance as a solution to limit the risk of costs, is one of the timely completion Horse health insurance or horses co-op insurance attached. At least the horse surgery insurance is a very inexpensive solution if I want to have hedged risk as horse owners of mainly the colic. With the horses co-op insurance operation costs and the associated treatments plus any accommodation costs of Veterinary Clinic are covered.

Who also would have assured all veterinary costs, expanded insurance the horses-op horse health insurance, that jumps even in cases, where the horse needed no surgery and with conservative treatment methods a healing can take place. As a horse owner you should not save here just on the wrong end, when you consider how much money were put in the acquisition, running costs and training. Because the chaff separates from the boys but also when choosing the right horse insurance, a large horse insurance is comparison unavoidable, thus the cost risk in an emergency also really no obstacle for you represents.

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