With a new day-money account and 2.00 percent interest on up to $ 100,000, she goes 1822 directly to new customers since the 06.01.2009 in the fight. The 1822 directly, a daughter of the Frankfurter Sparkasse, has made itself an innovation for the beginning of this year of this year. So off the previous day money account today of the 1822 directly, the 1822 direct CashSkyline, of the past. One of the great advantages of the new 1822 directly ZinsCash day money account is the transparency, which can be found in the terms and conditions for this investment. There is no distinction between new customers and existing customers and the interest rates are at the moment with the best for day investment in Germany.

The interest rates for the new 1822 directly ZinsCash day money account in detail: 2.00% p.a. up to 100,000 Euro 1.30% p.a. up to 500,000 Euro 0.50 percent per annum from 500,000 euro interest rates are from 06.01.2010 today and until further notice. To get more benefits, which should remain not nameless: daily availability no account management fee no minimum deposit and runtime Annual crediting all the details will find interested savers on the following page: day money account 1822direkt.html and what makes the 1822 directly especially from? Quite simply: You was elected last year by the news channel n-tv and the FMH Finanzberatung “Best day money Bank 2009”, due to their ongoing good interest rates for their daily investment for new and existing customers. Especially in the area of the existing customers, banks work often still based on the old motto: I have been in my customer list, to which I must no longer care and good interest rates provide for investments, then the advertising to new customers forget but the existing clientele, which then often has left with lower interest rates. 1822 directly ZinsCash day money account salient advantages the 1822 directly ZinsCash day money account is certainly recommended. The created money through the deposit guarantee fund is hedged, in terms of interest rates on call money which plays 1822 directly in the top league with an interest rate of 2.00 Percent annually for deposits up to 100,000 euros. Compared with the other, currently well-interest offers of the Bank of Scotland with an interest rate of 2.30 percent, of the money but don’t have the deposit guarantee fund is secured, but only through the normal deposit guarantee of netbank, which grants the interest rate of 2.25 percent in the combination GiroLoyal and day money and the offer of DKB for content input only cash, the credits on the Visa card with 2.05 percent interest rate is, but as self-employed persons the interest rate not getting is the 1822 directly ZinsCash day money account piercing out. It can be used by anyone, the deposits are covered and the conditions and interest rates are excellent at this day money supply. Daniel Franke

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