The objective of this technology is to recriar to the maximum the sensation of reality for an individual, being taken it to adopt it this interaction as one of its secular realities. For this, this interaction is carried through in real time, with the use of techniques and computational equipment that help in the magnifying of the feeling of presence of the user. Beyond the understanding of the RV as simulation of the reality through the technology, the RV also if extends to an apprehension of a not real universe, a universe of icons and symbols, but permeando in a significao process the spectator of this false universe it supplies credits to it of a real universe. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sonny Perdue. In short, a ficcional reality, however through intellectual relations we understand, it as being very next to the real universe that we know. Therefore in a scale of psychological evolution the individuals regridem when they are in group for leaving to arise all its unconscious personality coming back to the state that Freud called horda primeva.

Here we could detach the three vises of world identified by Freud in the 1932 conference on ‘ ‘ The question of a Weltanschauung’ ‘ therefore in a virtual environment the individuals are under the effect of described narcisistas sensations in the animistic phase, live the question of the abandonment with a perhaps bigger intensity that in the case of the religions, as presented in the religious phase and still have the possibility of emancipation identified in the scientific Weltanschauung to the measure that recognizes the uncertainty of which it is same part in a virtual sphere. However what we see in the social nets in the virtual environment is the regression the phases most remote of the psychological maturity human being, therefore the individuals if extremely show narcisistas and perhaps either to this the idea that would assume the figure of described leadership for Freud as factor of union in the group, the case, the net.

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