Box-Plot: when to use? When if it must use the Box-Plot graph? Also known as ‘ ‘ diagram of caixas’ ‘ , the Box-Plot graph presents the values of maximum, minimum, medium, first and third determined quartile of one changeable one. However, when if it must use this type of graph? This type of graph must be used to show the central trend, the dispersion (comments between first and the third quartile), and the data that present extreme values. This set of information is useful to compare changeable that they present ample variability. Thus, for example, if the researcher or student desires to graphically compare two groups of comments of one same 0 variable that possesss highest variation between each comment, the Box-Plot can be an alternative. For example, the attributes of the ground, as the infiltration capacity, if fit in the type of 0 variable to be displayed in diagram of boxes. However, innumerable other 0 variable also present great variability between each comment. Of all form, it is the criterion of the researcher/student to decide when and with which 0 variable to use the graph ‘ ‘ Box-Plot’ ‘. Chemical preparation from: BONELL, M. et al. The impact of Forest uses and reforestation on soil hydraulic conductivity in the Western Ghats of India: Implications will be surface and sub-surface hydrology.

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