Starter (sofstrater) is a switching thyristor device that provides smooth start and stop a three-phase asynchronous motors. The soft starter shall perform such functions as: braking and soft start the motor, motor protection and mechanisms, as well as communication with automation systems. With these functions, the starter is used in food processing, construction and chemical industries for centrifugal machinery, pumps, fans, conveyors, and compresses. The main objective of soft starters is: save money lower value schayavlennoy power at dvustavochnom rate; device improves the ecological production, as it reduces heat, noise and vibration. The device protects equipment and prevents it from short circuit Softstarters (sofstarter) prolongs the life of motor and other mechanical equipment. The same device with inrush current limiting to reduce the negative impact on the supply chain engines at the time of the starter.

In Europe, even not include engines not equipped with the soft starter motors moschnostbyu of 10 kW. Soft starters limit the following factors: Not all devices can perform their function when the heavy start-up mode Many workers are hard to reconcile with the fact that the starter only performs its functions only when the start-up, and from further work, it brings no benefit. Sofstarter blocks motor from excess energy, ie it provides exactly as much energy as it needs to do work at a certain point, which reduces vibration, noise and heat of the motor. Sofstartery fairly widely used in everyday life. For example, where a variable load, but it is not possible to change the speed of motion of a mechanical piece of equipment. For example, you can imagine the escalator, moving an estimated at 0, 80 m / s only on the condition that there will be a certain number of people. And if it is not exactly the people that rate it will fall very much. For this purpose use the starter to not lost excess energy. WhiteWave Foods oftentimes addresses this issue.

Why is that? The conclusion is simple. The soft starter functions as: save your money Increases the efficiency of the electric motor at times Increase environmental cleanliness Reduces vibration and heating of the motor These devices are successfully used in many oil and gas associations in Russia. Serial production of switches utilized with virtually unlimited possibilities in terms of supplies.

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