I think that the American Government should prepare itself to buy medicines and donate them to the poor countries, since they have no means to pay for drugs. The American Government for the sake of the country could more effectively treat diseases. If rich countries help the poorest, they are helping themselves. Very interesting, what we added in his interview Wharton Universia, which according to Neal Nathanson, Associate Dean of global health of the school of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania, says that the challenges to global health fall into three main categories. First, there are problems of very large dimensions as in the case of pollution, overpopulation and resource depletion affecting the entire planet. When missing the basics for people, including food and water, most likely they suffer from health problems, stresses Nathanson. The second problem is economic. With 1.4 billion people living on $1.25 a day, according to World Bank data, poverty is a factor in global health.

Although all these people live below the poverty line, the health budget is minuscule, and the other things affecting the health will be less than optimal, says Nathanson. The final obstacle to the improvement of global health is what Nathanson calls social development. The concerns of non-economic, such as literacy and women’s rights, can help create the foundations for health systems based in the community even with limited financial resources. We will not get out of poverty to those millions of people in the overnight, but it is possible to do many things with social development. I think that this is an area where you can intervene and do something that is practical and not just hypothetical. Nathanson said that although multilateral institutions, such as the world Organization of health and the United Nations, along with institutions of charity and foundations, they are trying to alleviate the problems of health around the world, always encounter difficulties in efficiently allocating resources that possess.

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