Wednesday 04 of August of the current year. I am no expert on the subject but by logical reasoning I realize one thing. All persons who are doing strikes, blocking roads, and saying that gas is not sold what solution contribute to this problem? The gas is in the sierra, we need to bring it to the coast to be distributed through pipelines. The Government does not have enough money to invest in these pipelines. Then the gas would stay where it is unless anyone else to do anything. But there is the alternative, that the private company to invest in gas pipelines in exchange for removing the same outside the country to sell it to other countries.

And the Government has to put their conditions too. The priority is to distribute it first in our country and then export it, and also the prices have to be negotiated. What they want then people who oppose this?, do they have the solution so that the gas is distributed throughout the country, without needing the help of private investment?, do or are like? dog in the Manger? If the gas is not mine it is not nobody, and stays where it is. Keiko Fujimori as all candidates for the Presidency, which are researched says that this is a conspiracy against his candidacy. When she was studying at the University, his dad was in the Government. And he has already been convicted of illicit enrichment.

Then the money for his education was product of that illicit enrichment. She is annoyed because the press takes this now; but it is fair and valid that all candidates for the Presidency are investigated, to know the moral quality of the candidate. So what does not come to say that what you are doing with it is a dirty war. It’s like Lourdes which says the Lady Susana Villaran, that should be clean and fair campaign.

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