On Carnival donated stopped forward litter material about the squeaky litter material. This year, the Prince guard of the city Monchengladbach has become at the age of 77. Reason enough for Andreas R. Graf from the best Western Crown Hotel a special gift to make. The dedicated hotelier presented on Friday the Board of the Prince guard twice 7,777 squeaky Muscovy ducks, which are to be released during the violet Tuesday parade through the city centre under the stupid people. “Because we have to pay our litter material from his own pocket, we are of course very special about this donation”, as Horst Trumm, Chairman of the Prince guard of the city Monchengladbach at the official handover of the litter material in the foyer of the hotel. Meanwhile, more and more high-quality things are distributed during the five-kilometre foolish Wyvern.

Now people leave simply Kamelle on the road”, know the Carnival professional. Since we have to throw already balls, stuffed animals, or yellow ducks.” Each Guard must buy for 130 euro litter material. Of that money, including the security forces around the guard car be paid”, explains debris. Since each participant about additional litter material, which is provided by sponsors is pleased of course.” Currently, ducks are fully in line with the trend, Andreas R. Graf is white. This unique action I would like to help the young members of our Prinzengarde”, says the hotelier and former general appeal master of the Prince guard who also financially supported the Carnival tradition for many years. If the train is on violet Tuesday in movement, the guard as a whole can throw 15.554 little yellow ducks in a total of 1,111 EUR in the Monchengladbach fools people.

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