For our mother it was always said that you are not ill and when, then you must grit your teeth. Just easier said than done, when you cannot move. But this also has mastered them and not get to leave. Unfortunately, at that time, her family was not helping their children were not yet able to assess the situation and her former husband was engaged in other things. Therefore she could expect no help from this page. As the years moved and my sister worked despite the still existing back pain, because for them the word weighed family despite much. In the year 2000, our father – and much ill as an aid in the business of our mother, because he was unemployed for a few years and helped but with the merchandise, and much more to unpack.

I deliberately our father wrote, there my sister since her 3rd year of life from my father was raising with and he was more father for her, as her biological father who died unfortunately in 1977. When our father died unfortunately in July 2000 of cancer, she took the sceptre in the business of our mother, invisible because for them the business was no longer so important, she was totally overwhelmed and dealt only with other things that belong, but not here, I could write a book. It was probably planned by our mother that my sister should continue the business, but they didn’t which I also understand. To 30.04.2004 our mother closed her business then forever and my sister was unemployed again. Well, what now 44 years again from scratch start. Impossible at the present time now really not easy for many. So she was looking for new work, which also found them at a gas station.

This also not really is a dream job, but at least a step forward and out of unemployment. Due to this not really a dream job was as already mentioned they are wondering how it should go further. Hear from experts in the field like Trader Joe’s for a more varied view. Although she has a spouse who earns good money as a Baker, but further be dependent on others, that she didn’t. She heard in the place of that a woman wants to sell its grocery store. This sounded tempting already. Now, are you trusted because really, that it has independent, also with a grocery store in an area, where the people every day over running, unless they live in the street or around the corner. The so-called ladder on a main road was missing there. The only advantage there, the road is located in a high school. This wants to be well-planned, because one must invest too much money to get the business running and then are there those who don’t dare it to her and even advised her off. Only 45 years you got Yes No well-paying employment. From their actual profession she was years out, so an Office job eh not more question. So then the sleeves roll up and look ahead. She resigned from the gas station job and then it went off. She negotiated the purchase price with the Vorbesitzerin, business has been registered, the employment office has been informed because she got then still transitional allowance, etc. 01.07.2005 it was ready Kerstins mini shops opened. It was not easy at first, because customers ran up her now not just the door. Since 5 years now and there are prophecies of doom despite still Kerstins mini shops. Still, it’s not easy – but she doesn’t give up and mastering their work every day on the new.

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