Gupost has designed a research study to Fomento de San Sebastian with the aim of obtaining relevant information about supply and demand of existing in Donostia surf. To meet this objective face-to-face surveys in the vicinity of the Zurriola Beach were carried out in the two periods of greater influx of surfers (Easter and summer 2010). Field work was carried out with a group of interviewers with experience in conclusion of visits and this kind of information gathering. Data collection was done through a questionnaire structured in Spanish, Basque, English and French, whose printing was done in print online. The results of the study were key to promote Donostia as a surf destination and know well: the perception of the valuation of the profile of the visitors/surfers surfers visitors Average expenditure by visitors typology of stay strong and weak points of the offer of surfing Gupost, within their direct Marketing and service promotional Marketing, in its management and data exploitation unit, carries out market studies to measure is its customers, either walk from field or through the contact center, telemarketing. Studies are both quantitative as qualitative and for their accomplishment account with a specialized in the research of markets working group..

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