So a close circuit closes. Protect our country egg producers with their work a valuable asset the diversity of the region. Domestic feed without genetic engineering ‘ genetically incalculable risks for man and nature. Genetically modified plants can affect ecosystems and individual species. For even more opinions, read materials from surprise medical billing. For this reason, our country genetically rejects. Sport Hybrid Bikes: the source for more info. Like all our country farmers use animal welfare egg producers also domestic, GMO-free feed.

Josef Asam from kissing near Augsburg developed together with BRUCKER country farmers the Bavarian soy cultivation. Meanwhile soy – growing on 650 hectares guaranteed without genetic engineering ‘. In the modern soy processing plant by Josef Asam, the soybean is processed into feed. This will protect the diversity of the flora and fauna of our region. All other feed components come from the region.

OUR country egg producers forego import feed completely. Short distances protect the climate ecological balance is a sensitive circuit on a climate change response. So a change of climate entails always a change of the biodiversity of our flora and fauna. Long transport distances cause higher carbon dioxide loads that affect the climate. OUR country egg producers to protect the climate through short transport routes. Online sweepstakes the biological and regional diversity is a valuable asset. Their protection is reflected in all areas of our country engagement, in particular in raising awareness. In order to offer consumers an incentive to deal more intensively with this topic, the network our country starts an online sweepstakes. From May 5 to 31 to visitors of the website to demonstrate their knowledge and win tasty prizes to our country. More information we are under for queries like available. Marianne Wagner press and public relations our country Zwernitzer str. 45 81243 Munchen Tel. 089/89712336 email

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