The doubts finished. The flaming champion of Giro of Italy, Alberto Accountant, has confirmed who finally is going to run the Tour of France, in that will try to obtain his fourth entorchado one. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as music downloads by clicking through. ” Yes, yes that I will go to the Tour de Francia” , it has said after finishing to the I Alberto March Accountant, celebrated in Pinto and his environs in its honor. ” I know that it is a difficult challenge, I made a test yesterday, was not the best result the one than I had, the one that more can animar” to you; , it has explained; ” but I am conscious that still it is tiempo”. After the Court of Sport Arbitration (ANVIL) postponed the definitive date in which the positive by clembuterol of Alberto will be judged Accountant until the beginning of August it will do (it between days 1 and 3), the confirmation on the part of the cyclist was only expected than it was going to do.

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