20 Years ago that I have the privilege of being friend of Jose Luis Rebordinos, new director of the Festival of San Sebastian, and never in that time has appeared the shadow of disenchantment, the fly transient or enduring, the feeling of me used or manipulated. We share the ancestral passion toward something called film, which does not require that the same like us necessarily and when that happens hold discussions that always end in laughter, a vision often accomplice on people and things. Rebordinos belongs to that priceless people that gives off good vibes, which always brings joy, warmth, vitalism and humor, that has the elegance and the generosity of keep smile and hide his demons, their fears and their sorrows. It is also of beings more workers I know, but it has managed to make your estajanovismo in the service of what he likes, also keeps alive something as fragile as the ability of continuously excited and adherence to three or four indispensable principles. Source of the news:: hollow aesthetics in Intruders

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