We all like to relax in the system 'All Inclusive'. That in general it is quite logical and reasonable, in fact paid only once at home all at once you should not worry that the holidays have to think about food, money, etc. But are we always fully understand that is the system of All Inclusive? That it includes a general for what we pay? Let's find out All Inclusive – a system of services available in this hotel for free and without limit, for a certain period of time. These services are usually paid at the same time and one-time fee when purchasing tour. In the Russian translation of 'all inclusive' (abbr. all inc) means 'all inclusive', ie 'all paid for when buying a round'. Inc. All vlyuchaet a typically: – Drinks – Catering – Entertainment tourists this hotel (animation) – Using hotel's infrastructure.

Try to understand more: Beverages – usually all local drinks are free and unlimited on territory of the hotel, but at certain times. By means as alcoholic beverages and soft drinks for which no fees that do not include further in the account and are usually not stand outside the hotel. Important: Drinks made outside the territory of the country and drink from the mini bar is usually paid. Meals – All incl the system involves a full table – three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and coffee, cakes, ice cream, etc. Such food is represented as a leisure buffet. Buffet – a meal, when specially designated tables lay out the whole range of dishes. Each independently comes to the table and puts himself what he wants, in the quantities he needs.

Limitations exist only in time. Entertainment (Animation) – is fun for tourists. they include various competitions, discos, games, sports, theater, etc. etc. And it should be noted that the animation is like an adult (volebol, basketball, water aerobics, etc.) as well as children. As a rule children's animators to entertain the kids Throughout the day on a specially designated area with its pool and playground. Animators – is mostly students or young people from different countries, officially running at this hotel and speaking different languages, including Russian. Use of infrastructure – includes free use of sports fields, swimming pools, saunas, gyms, internet cafes, etc. It must be noted that There are some varieties of All incl. We list the main: Max inclusive (MI) – a local and imported alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages that are available usually 24 hours a day, complimentary mini-bar, special restaurants for pre-booked, as well as some motor sports. Imperial (IM) – a local and imported alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, special restaurants for pre-booked, and some motorized Sports. Ultra All inclusive (UAI) – a local and imported alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. It should be noted that the quality and quantity of services included in the system 'all inclusive' depends on the number of stars hotel. The more so is more extensive and the list of services and the number and variety of dishes and even the time of bars and restaurants. But the main advantage of this system is, as already noted, carefree and known in advance rather precise budget for recreation, which would have been much more difficult to eat if paying on the spot, we all know that the amount of ice cream, beer, juice and coffee is hard to predict in advance.

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