Spring in Spain is synonymous with allergy. There is more to attend the data to realize this: patients suffering from allergic rhinitis, 50% suffer perennial allergic rhinitis and 50% seasonal allergic rhinitis. 84% Of patients with allergic rhinitis also coexist with annoying nasal congestion. Therefore, and for that pharmacists can offer better information to its clients, Asefarma, one of the consultants of leading pharmacies in our country () and boasts more than 300 boticas as clients, organizes the MSD laboratory and Doctor Eduardo Junco’s hand: allergy, a systemic disease, a practical seminar. Arriving spring, pollens, grasses, and different allergens themselves of this station rates rise dramatically causing many cases of people who suffer from seasonal allergies (hay fever) with nasal congestion. In Spain there are a large number of people who do not know that they suffer from seasonal allergies and not come to the physician for your diagnosis if that not going to the Pharmacy and be self-treatment. Why some patients can be confused thinking that they have a cold, being so similar symptoms, and follow a wrong treatment, explains Belinda Jimenez de los Santos, Asefarma purchasing manager.

The best advice as well things that Asefarma want to achieve with this day is updating information of all those people who work in a pharmacy and that within its functions have to recommend and cater to customers who purchase products vet for allergy relief. Pharmacists have information in this regard, but still a seasonal theme, and that the supply of medicines is updated, it is highly recommended to be very prepared to be able to recommend to patients and be updated on vet drugs offer that is available, adds Jimenez de los Santos. Within the range of vet drugs for the treatment of seasonal allergies with nasal congestion, there is a great variety, so it is important differentiate their components and the effects it produces each.For example to offer the drug you want a patient who wants to have a practical and effective relief to follow with your normal activity, without suffering from sleep. The seminar will focus on these contents – rhinitis infectious and non-infectious – viral rhinitis: flu, common cold. -Types of non-infectious rhinitis: Pollenosis – antihistamines: histamine antagonists HI, antagonists HII – antihistamines decongestants in terms of the tandem of Asefarma to carry out this course with the MSD laboratory, noted that it was due to the excellent reputation and the experience of the company. It is a laboratory with a solid experience and recognized for many years in the field of health medicines and patient care. It also has a wide variety of solutions for patients suffering from various types of allergies and knows the needs of patients and medications are the most recommended for each type of allergy, stresses responsible for Asefarma.Prior to the talk a catering there will be courtesy of MSD.

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