Naturally, the loss of time, the latest facts and become maloaktualnymi demand, as to annoy the audience. This is due to uninteresting and boring news stories that make no sense to be akltualnymi. Everyone knows that news is the most complex structure that requires a huge mass of hard work. Also, all news are divided into groups by region: that is, all the new developments can be divided into the news of America EU News, news from Russia, as well as news on the world. As a result, need to make a decision, reveals that viewers are of little interest personal news of the country, and prefer to engage in foreign regions. It is necessary that the news the latter is similar to novstey hundred years ago, due to the fact that in last year's value of very different times. News, predotsavlyayuschie truly valuable information is hardly not go away, what the audience prefer the news.

It is necessary that the recent news from the news are not like two years ago, due to the fact that in the past values are completely different. News that provide valuable information not unlikely remain in obscurity, all because the target audience was respectful of the news. Thus facilitate the general state news company, which had already Orthodox. News provoke new acts extremism and terrorism …. and yet the news are in great demand among a certain, very peaceful, contingent. It is known that news – it's very difficult area of business, from which it is difficult to determine anything. And much of the freedom of speech in the news, however. Because many media agencies complain of the limitations in certain areas, so the publication of free text or other materials says totally not worth it. Thereby lose their relevance among the news audience

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