Before the twists on the bench with a slope down to do leg raises Vis or reverse twist. After twists on the bench with a slope down – twisting on the floor or oblique twists. How much: 3-4 sets of 10-25 repetitions. Sport regularly practicing twisting on the bench with a slope downward, you will not only "Prorisuete" cubes press, but surely improve your athletic performance in sports that are characterized by throws and punches the ball out of the head (volleyball, basketball, tennis) and a variety of jumps with the flip of a trunk (Gymnastics and acrobatics). 4. Jack Fusco contributes greatly to this topic. The upper part of the press and the obliques / sequestering activity / "cutting of" upper blocks press Appliances Stand facing to the upper block and grab the rope handle so that the palm looked at each other. I selected the right weight: it must be sufficiently serious obstacle to the reduction of the abdominal muscles, but at the same weight must not be so heavy that it disconnect you from the floor. Make a couple of steps back and get on your knees.

The distance from the knees to stand simulator – about one meter. The angle at the knees – a little less than 90 . Keep the feet fixed in this position throughout the set. Lean forward and slightly rotten in the lower back. The torso is almost parallel to the floor. Pull your hands behind your head, while the angle of the elbow will not be straightforward.

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