The personalities are expert personages in concrete subjects and that they know the best programs than interest to them. For example, if you like the graphical design, the personality of the graphic designer has many programs that will interest to you. It finds a personality that you like and you will know many programs new. There are tens of personalities: compartidores of programs, singers, graphical, loving designers of music, amateur video makers, cinfilos, addict to Youtube, DJs and each personality has the best programs than they exist on the subjects that them interensa. You will be able to find the best programs to repair your computer thanks to the computer science friend, programs anti-virus thanks to the safe navigator, programs to change the format of the videos and to unload videos of youtube thanks to the YoutubeAdicto You can suscribirte so that they arrive to you alert whenever a personality has new programs, and you can suggest your own personalities so that to the other they vote them users. The suggested personalities them can vote all the users, more voted they will be published in PortalProgramas and they will have many programs of its thematic one so that you can know them and unload them. One is an exclusive option of that you will not find in no other vestibule of software. It enters now to know them and to unload..

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