Blacks and yellows live so next and are so different, why? Whites also have many differences of yellows, how much of the black color, why? We will be all fellow creatures to the travellers who had left in them here in a distant past, to colonize planet to create a suitable race only the same? Accurately, we are identical copies and descending right-handers of the inhabitants of other planets, that with certainty will go here to come back to see the result of its experiences. This is the reason for which the theory of that we descend of the monkey that evolved, is not true, therefore the lost link that all its adepts in such a way look for, never existed. All the old writings in tell to appearances and contacts to them with travellers of other worlds, since the cuneiform writing of the sumrios until the read book more in the planet, the Bible. So unbelieving and we are been slow that only the fifteen years behind that the scientists had started to discover the existence of other planets turning around other stars, and today that is seen in profusion. Another aberration human being is to believe that the pyramids of Egypt had been constructed by the man, pulling rocks of 800 tons with ropes or rolling on trunks. With certainty they had been made through a technology that allowed to eliminate the force of the gravity and to carry such rocks without no effort. The process of creation in the Bible says that Eva came of a rib removed of the one of Adam: would not be a cell and the creation made with the same technology of the sheep Dolly, the clonagem executed for human beings? They think very and they answer the many questions that this subject considers! When looking for the events through the times, much of what queerness was said in the cause and we must then question the facts thus to be able to understand the events. We must wait for briefing future revelations of governments on the current ufolgicos studies therefore they are being without alternatives to hide the obvious one.

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