The human being is endowed with reason. It is endowed with the discernment of what it is certain wrong e. Made a mistake! The human being and its reason do not determine what it is right or wrong. Maniquesmo loads an intense subjectivity. The actions human beings are carried through inside of some premises, that in turn are constructed in accordance with social the cultural way/. While simple animals that we are, the primordial premises that conduct our reason are the survival and reproduction.

While animal with something more, that is, rationals, these premises are the pleasure, the happiness, corporeal properties, comfort and socialization. However as the survival and reproduction also they are directed by the reason we limit in them to the rational premises, therefore these can join it the rational premises, that is, the happiness, the pleasure, the comfort, etc. become survival questions. The subjectivity, or same relativity of the notion of certain wrong also must take in account its cultural character. Then one more time we limit boarding. The consumption culture which we are inserted. That is, if the notion of certain wrong is constructed by the context, determined for the cultural conditions partner/, such context is the consumption culture.

The education standards, of cultural formation, politics, social, personal and emotional exist in favor of the consumption culture. Such notion characterizes and makes responsible all the actions of the individual throughout its life. Social or individual actions. Inside of the family. In the school. Between friends and in all its relations human beings. How it is the notion of certain wrong e? In the consumption society, the sociocultural logic of collective life loses the direction, giving place to the consumista, narcisista and hedonista individualism. To live for the collective leaves to generate satisfaction, therefore it understands ' ' to open mo' ' , to divide, to share.

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