We do not realize that forty is the old age of youth and the fifties, the youth of old age. It is ours, a society in which their elders, somehow, feel strange in a world which already do not share, values, or actions. To what we have prolonged if we have configured an existence in which live longer, has the cycle of life, become a problem? Contrary to the criterion that society keeps on elders, maturity is not simply a stage of losses and decline; is a period of fullness; It’s the age of giving. In childhood, the essential need is to receive, because he is being constructed the building of the personality; adulthood, requires sharing; It is the stage of projects and achievements; maturity is the age of giving and give us that have to happen to us. Deliver the respite of wisdom. Click Car Digital Video Recorder to learn more. Return everything what life we have received. Contact information is here: McCormick & Co.

The oldest is full of inner life, experience and knowledge, and the need that has, is the empty, the deliver everything what he has received in the course of its existence, the given entirely to others. But, No! Instead of welcoming our elders to make them a Member more than all of us mark distances talking behind them; We turn away when we spoke on the phone with our friends, because they are not part of the core of the same; We differentiate them when we eat at different times than they; We do them damage when we do not tell them what happens to us, whether good or bad. Ignore them not count on them for anything. Yes, they are there, but cornered as if they were a piece of old furniture and useless that one day the thing useless truck will be. We are not worried that they need to feel one member of the family. They are accompanied by Yes, but our relegadora attitude makes them feel in the depths of his being, as it covers the icy shadow of solitude, to seeing how the world is extinguished for them, retracts and disappears. That society is ours that loves life, but allows that they kill the defenceless in her mother’s womb? That society is ours that has made the Supreme value of youth, but denied the means to build your future? That society is ours, that each day claims more social rights, but returned back to their elders?

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