Key the Sorceresses welcomes an aerial track for airplanes of small and medium bearing. To 300km to the east of Havana, the Keys of Clear Villa comprise of Gardens of the King, the major of the archipelagoes that surround to Cuba and that extends throughout 465 km of the North coast in the central part of country. Sites of legendas, refuge of a singular biodiversity and comment that it was an ideal scene for the attacks of privateers and pirates. Key the Sorceresses must its name to a popular legend that speaks on the frustrated loves of a young pair by a jealous uncle, who also gave denomination to a neighboring small barren island: Drunk key. To one mile of distance the boat is beached San Pascual, foundling to the sea in 1919 in the shipyards of San Francisco, California.

Guard memories of the presence of the Ernest writer Hemingway in the zone. In his cover the Cuban painter Leopoldo Romaach found the inspiration for some of his marine landscapes. Ensenachos key is smallest of the three keys but it is the refuge of 22 endemic species of flora and 39 of fauna. He has horseshoe form and formerly it was a native establishment. Their beaches always are totally in calm thanks to the position of the key, that comes up that great waves hit force in the coast. Key Santa Maria also is known like the White Rose of Gardens of the King. The legend assures that this land strip of 13km of length and between one and two of width is owned by the spirit of Rose Maria Anger, that, hides in the warehouse of a ship, arrived at the zone looking for the paradise and loved his, that it had started off in a previous expedition. It was able to disembark in the key and to survive hidden between mangles, living on the fishing, until it found to his man in a near small barren island. The Keys of Clear Villa are a challenge to the fantasy, that they just by captivate to breathe his fresh breeze. If to this it has fascinated it destiny, it asegrese to read our next article related to the supplies of lodging in the Keys of Clear Villa, thus will be able to guarantee that their vacations in Cuba are an unforgettable experience.

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