The Royal Mille is the name given to the avenue connecting both monuments and is situated in the heart of old city. In the course of the Royal Mile, 1.8 km long or a mile Scottish can see a large number of Scottish traditional neighborhoods. And dining area offers a wide range of possibilities to choose the most economical. About Cockburn Street can sample some baked potatoes with all kinds of seasoning at very affordable prices and, according to The Guardian, of high quality. To eat faster, also in this area, but Southbrige at the end of Princes Street is a pizzeria where you can taste quality burgers and pizzas at affordable prices.

But certainly in the Old Town if you eat a good pizza even a little more expensive is to go to High Street where there are many Italian restaurants, among which you can choose the one that best suits the needs. Also in High Street you can taste dishes edinburgh Scots as a more if you choose between one of the many restaurants offering typical dishes of the country that are in this area. And the most widely used resource for saving money in case you visit a city for several days are fast food chains are in Edinburgh on Princes Street. But it is certain that in almost all pubs in the city serve the usual burgers and fish and chips at reasonable prices, so that fast food is one option, which in Edinburgh can be avoided if you will.

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